Karahan Seferbekov   (Карахан Сефербеков)

Karachan Seferbekov, artist name Karachan or Karakan, was born in

1957 on the Caspian Sea shore in Dagastan.

He studied in Moscow. In 1980 he graduated from the Art Drawing

Department of the Moscow State Pedagogical Institute, named after

Lenin, in Moscow. He participated in exhibitions in Russia and

abroad (the USA, France, Germany, India, etc). In 1994 his paintings

were rewarded with Grand Prix de Peinture du Castellet in France.

The expressive artworks by Karachan Seferbekov attract people by

their mysterious power and attractive charm

His works can be found in Art Museum in Jaroslavl and in many

private collections in Russia and abroad.

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Sailing 50x60  O

Flowers 110x90  O

Poppies 110x90  O

Portret 50x40   O