Omar Chkhaidze ( Омар Чхаидзе )  

               Omar Chkhaidze ( Омар Чхаидзе ) was born in Georgia in 1944.   
He  graduated in 1966 from the Art  School and later from the  Academy of Arts in Tbilisi. Omar Chkhaidze has a global recognition. His creativity is marked as "Deserved artist of Georgia".  He is a laureate of the exhibition "Gold brush-99" in Moscow. Omar Chkhaidze is a member of the Artists' union of USSR, the Artists' Union  of Georgia and the International Artists' Federation UNESCO. One of his paintings is purchased by the Russian State Museum named Pushkin. His work is rooted in the ancient culture and christianity of Georgia.  The creation of the universe was as a matter of fact the creation of eternal love. The love between man and woman. In a matchless way he expresses the beauty and deep feelings of the women he depicts. 
Omar's unforgettable style and  magnificent painting technique make him a recognized master, all over the world.                
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