We keep warm memories to our contacts with our artists in the years 1995-2006, Therefore we have build this website in the first place to their honor. Since 2006 Gallery Horizon does not take part in Art Fairs and Exhibitions anymore. Since then our commercial activities are placed on a very low level. Nevertheless we are glad to serve people who are interested in the works of one or more artists. The works which are still on sale are marked with an “O “. A price-indication is given by the color or of the O O  priced under €  500,- O priced under  € 1000,- O priced over    € 1000,- Paintings, marked with “O” are found on the personal websites of the artists or their representing galleries. They have no other goal then illustrating the quality and/or diversity of the artist in question.  THIS PAGE IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION
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